Pervious Concrete Certification

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 12:35

Traveling to you!

Don't wait until the job is bid to secure your Pervious Concrete Contractors Certification! Let us come to you! If you have as many as three registrants, we will travel to you and hold a single day course and exam.

BSA/NRMCA Pervious Contractor Course

This program is designed to educate, train and certify concrete finishers in pervious concrete placement. Builders Supply Association staff will provide classroom training necessary and administer the written "Technical" examination in pervious concrete materials and proper placement procedures.

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SafetyWorks! Program

Saturday, 11 February 2012 00:00

Program Guidelines: “How does the program work?”

Step 1 – Your company shall establish a safety coordinator to oversee the program and maintain company records (no member company records shall be maintained by the BSA). Along with the coordinator, team leaders shall be established to conduct the weekly safety meetings (this person may be a member of management or a lead/mentor employee who sets the standards for others to follow).

Step 2 – Each week, (Wednesday), via email the safety coordinator as well as the team leaders shall receive from the BSA office all information and topics necessary to conduct the weekly meeting (additional copies for each attendee shall be made at member site). The team leaders shall then have one week from the date received to log their meeting completion notice with the respective company coordinator. This one week period allows time to schedule around peak production times.



Builders Supply Association/Federated Insurance “Estate Planning Seminar”

Thursday, 06 October 2011 05:46

A few years ago we had the opportunity to attend this presentation and was enlightened to several problems within my family assurance plan.  This “no cost” seminar will be presented in Charleston on October 17th and Morgantown on October 18th,  this seminar is open to all members of your firm(so pass the word) – you must register however by October 10th! by calling Federated at (804)346-4678, I hope this simple registration process will entice you to take the next step to insure your loved ones future.


The passing of a friend, a mentor and a leader!

Friday, 01 July 2011 00:00

Through our careers we meet people who are known for contributions only to our industry, people who are known for contributions to us as a friend or people who make contributions as a community leader. On April 18th we lost a friend who has made contributions to our industry, state, and several other areas along the way (which are too many to name). Of all his contributions he is known and remembered for, most of us will cherish the one of friend.

Don Stemple was a concrete producer, statesman, farmer and a mentor to many of us who were honored to collect his views on state government. He is recognized as a past president of our association, a group he was proud to faithfully serve. Don served several years in the West Virginia House of Delegates and later became Alcohol and Beverage Control Commission Director for the State of West Virginia under Governor Cecil Underwood.
Above all, Don shall be remembered as a gentleman and a loyal friend.


Builders Supply Association leads the way for the NEW WVDOH Materials Procedure

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 00:00

Early in February the BSA approached the West Virginia
Division of Highways Materials Control, Soils and Testing Division regarding the need for a materials procedure. The visualized MP would allow for the change of WVDOH approved raw materials within an approved mix design for Portland cement concrete. In April the request was grated with a revision to MP 711.02.23.
The materials procedure sets in place a procedure allowing for the substitution of (1) one raw material within an approved mix

design by use of a heightened version of the ―verification‖ process as opposed to requiring a new mix design. Once all criteria of the process have been met the new formulation shall receive a new mix design number in order for the mix to be tracked and data collected.
The Association has been granted the approval from MCS & T to communicate this new procedure to each District in the State, this process shall begin in late June. Should your company be faced with utilization of the MP during the upcoming weeks please notify the Association in order for the effected WVDOH District to be scheduled for one of the first presentations.


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