The passing of a friend, a mentor and a leader!

Through our careers we meet people who are known for contributions only to our industry, people who are known for contributions to us as a friend or people who make contributions as a community leader. On April 18th we lost a friend who has made contributions to our industry, state, and several other areas along the way (which are too many to name). Of all his contributions he is known and remembered for, most of us will cherish the one of friend.

Don Stemple was a concrete producer, statesman, farmer and a mentor to many of us who were honored to collect his views on state government. He is recognized as a past president of our association, a group he was proud to faithfully serve. Don served several years in the West Virginia House of Delegates and later became Alcohol and Beverage Control Commission Director for the State of West Virginia under Governor Cecil Underwood.
Above all, Don shall be remembered as a gentleman and a loyal friend.